Quranic Opposites
Quranic Opposites
Quranic Opposites
Quranic Opposites
Quranic Opposites

Quranic Opposites

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Learning Quranic Words Made Simple

Would you like your child to learn the meanings of the words used in the Quran?

You don’t have to wait until they’re older get started. You can begin now with the Quranic Opposites.

This set of 24 beautifully illustrated opposite words are derived from the Noble Quran. It helps you to teach your child a bunch of Arabic words in a fun and engaging way that will help them understand the Quran in later years. Here’s how:

  • Each opposite pair of words is mentioned frequently in the Quran which will help your child recognise those words whilst reading the Book of Allah.

  • Each pair is wonderfully illustrated making it visually appealing and helpful to your child in remembering the Arabic words as well as their meaning in a fun and engaging way.

  • The Quranic Opposites is a large puzzle ensuring that it is just the right level of difficultly for a child to complete. It is also easy for small hands to grip the pieces.

  • There are 24 pairs which ensure that your child can use and learn the product for a long lasting period.

  • The fact that this is a puzzle, guarantees that your child is more likely to learn about the words mentioned in the Quran in a much more engaging and fun way using their cognitive matching skills.

  • The puzzle pieces are made on thick card and laminated making them durable for long term use.

The Quranic Opposites has helped thousands of children across the globe to learn and familiarise themselves with frequently used words in the Noble Quran.

To get your puzzle, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button above. May you and your children be empowered by learning the language of the Noble Quran.

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