Water Well Project

Become a donor and build a well.

Water is a precious gift from Allah SWT, as the Quran says,

“Allah sent down water from the heavens and revived the land with it after it was dead..." (16:65)

Give back to the community by funding and building a well.

Your contribution will

Change and Save Lives

There are many countries around the world that is in desperate need of clean water for drinking.

Meet Basic Human Necessities

Water is a basic and absolute element of life whose use is emphasised within the Islamic teachings. It is a moral obligation on one's part to conserve water because it is meant to perpetuate life on Earth.

Support countries in need

My Ummah will be having projects in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yamen and Palestine.


Salanga, Sirajganj

Salang, Bangladesh was going through clean water shortage so the My Ummah team decided to build few water wells.